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Challenge 25
Friday 5th October
Jungle, DnB, Tekno and more

Intrinzic x Balter Festival

Tickets: from £12 + BF
Advance ticket prices subject to booking fees

Time: 22:00-6:00

Intrinzic x Balter Festival : A celebration of worldwide rave culture and the genre-less boundaries of electronica. 

We will be opening all 6 rooms of Lakota hosted by :
Balter Festival , Intrinzic Music, Jungle Syndicate, Rum Runner, Lysergic Sounds & Western Lore! 


Early Birds Sold Out! 

Line Up: 

► Main Room - Balter Festival 
Void Arcline 8

■Shosh ft. 24hr Garage Girls (Super spesh birthday set!)
■Dutty Moonshine
■Ed Cox & E-Coli 
■Cosmic Leo
■Balter Crew

Balter are leaving the racecourse for a one-night special featuring some old friends and festival favourites, with European tekno legend Floxytek flying in to headline. As well as banging tunes there will be free giveaways, weird entertainment from OTTER, Naztek and more, and we're celebrating Shosh from 24hr Garage Girls' birthday so bring cake and presents!!

► Main room Coroners / Intrinzic Music
FTP SoundSystem 

■Hybris & MVRK - Pseudoscience Takeover 

A room of multi genre sonics, spanning from the likes of glitchy experimental beats from Culprate & Sanial, through to the breaks and jungle from Metalheadz secret weapon ; Detboi. Not to mention Hybris & MVRK for a 2 hour performance going through the depths of sound defying techy Drum & Bass representing PseudoScience Recordings. + Support from Intrinzic's residents: ORI, who strives to make his DJ sets all about the energy & emotion + Xav - A techy & minimal DnB enthusiast at heart with a fine selection!

► Moon Bar - Jungle Syndicate 
Void Arcline 6

■Ricky Force
■Dr Bastardo
■Doomham B2b Cervical Snare

Jungle Syndicate is a collective of DJs, producers and promoters bringing a mix of amen infused drum and bass and deep dark jungle and breakcore to ravers through their own productions, mixes, events and the record label; currently based in Bristol, Leeds and Poland.

► Coroners 2 - Rum Runner Soundsystem Presents:

■Special Guest 
■Halcyonic & G Roots
■Version Girl
■Rum Runner
■Majestic Sound

Devon based Rum Runner Soundsystem will be bringing you a wicked selection of Dub, Reggae, Dancehall & Hip Hop Breaks.

''We started to promote the bass heavy music we love in Exeter joining forces with Majestic Sound System, Sammy Sound (now Mana Sound), Original Rudeboy and Version Girl. The mission grew further and with the help of Dub Smugglers, Anonymous Sound and Southwest CNC we built our vision of the ultimate 6 scoop sound system''. 

► Lakota Room Room 3 
Lysergic Sounds Presents 

■FTP Takeover 
■Baitman Swell
■Culhambian Cartel
■TwelveTone B2B Buxx 

Good friends Lysergic sounds will be powering room 3 with their beautiful 18" extended cyclops's and AV / Light show. 
This rooms line up is fit for its own event with an FTP takeover, BaitmanSwell with the banging tek and Amen Jungle vibes, Trueforms on his mastermind journey mix of everything imaginable. Lysergic Sounds crew 'Culhambian Cartel' will be slaying the jungle and Drum and bass, and Bristol's own TwelveTone & Buxx finishing it of with some darker techy vibes.

► Lakota Room 4 - Western Lore 

Jungle Tekno From The Left Of Centre

■Dead Man's Chest
■Sam Binary 
+ Western Lore Residents

Western Lore is a jungle/hardcore label run by visual artist and producer Alex Eveson aka Dead Man's Chest. 
Their music draws inspiration from the early nineties/golden era of breakbeat and brings it through to the modern day with a twist.

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