Following the latest advice from the government, we have decided to temporarily close Lakota with immediate effect until further notice.

We will be looking to reschedule as many of our up and coming events at the club and we will be updating information when we have it via the website and other social platforms.

We want our staff, artists and ravers to stay safe and healthy. The government is now recommending that everyone avoids social gatherings. So we have decided we have to close Lakota in order to play our part in stopping the spread of the virus.

We have offered the building to the City of Bristol to provide support in this time of need.

If you have any questions over the coming weeks please contact us via email on [email protected] this email will be regularly checked and all emails responded to.

Keep safe everyone x

Pulp Fiction vs. Fear & Loathing: Halloween Special

Pulp Fiction vs. Fear & Loathing: Halloween Special

Thursday 31st October
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10:00 pm - 4:00 am

from £3

COMPETITION – share this event and tag three friends on the event wall to win four tickets, a bottle of liquor and four bucket hats!

– Don’t miss out on a one off, immersive Halloween experience… –

? Welcome to bat country, where nothing is quite as it seems… ?

This Halloween, take a walk on the wild side as we pay homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s cult classic and delve into a psychedelic fantasy world! Going up against this twisted Las Vegas fantasy is the equally dark and gritty Tarantino, Pulp Fiction.

As you enter our world, prepare to lose touch with reality as you know it and lose yourself in a cornucopia of mind-bending decor, soundtracked with some of the finest Acid (House), DnB, Disco, House & Jungle known to man! ?

? Hawaiian Shirts!
? Coloured Glasses!
? Wondrous caps of any variety you choose!
? Suits!

Halloween, M***********! Do you speak it!

Be warned – this place may get to you… beware of the fear. ?

Across all rooms

with some of the finest Acid (House), DnB, Disco, House & Jungle known to man!