SW vs EA

SW vs EA

Saturday 22nd February
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10:00 pm - 6:00 am

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Bris-Tek & Tearout Events are proud to announce the SW vs EA 6 Arena Mega Rave

Brands from across the country will be going head to head battling it out bringing you some of the biggest acts from the UK and abroad.

Spread across 6 rooms we’ll be providing you a with a huge range of full pro audio in each room, intelligent lighting and underground decor. We’ll be covering the whole spectrum of underground dance music. Each room will have it’s own music theme with all genre’s covered and some bad boy talent representing.

Across the venue:

Each room (6) will have it's own music theme with all genre's covered and some bad boy talent representing.

⬋ SW ⬋

Special Guest // Shimon // Document One // Kelvin 373 B2B Audio Mission // Monroller // Subcriminal // System check // Gray // Alcemist // Enta // Crossy // Block dodger // Volatile Cycle // Rezaloot // Bish // Scratch Bandikoot // Underkind B2B Binksy // Denzel B2B Big Mon // DC B2B TBM // Norfolk MC

➨ EA ➨

Berg // Scot Project (Classics) // Guyver // Jamie Berry // Alex Carrol // Secret He4dliner // Jamie Berry // St!cky B2B Mr. Shindig // Duton // Logger & Critical Error // Coms B2B Contraband // Tearout Takeover // Fudalwokit // Antixx // Chesnik B2B Gedge // Aunti Mag B2B Animal Dan // EC // Legacy

Tekno Vs Techno

Mandidextrous // E-coli // Chris liberator // A.P. // Rowland The Bastad // Leeroy // Matt Scratch // Croaktek takeover // Treblechef

☢ Arena 1:

SW vs EA: Multi Genre
Powered By NSL Productions (18 Void Acoustics Stasys 218's and Arcline 8s)

☢ Arena 2:

Bris-Tek: DnB & Jungle
Powered By Subliminal Audio (Full NCA)

☢ Arena 3:

Tearout Events: 4x4
Powered By Odyssey/ Defcon Audio (EM Acoustics)

☢ Arena 4:

Amen4Tekno Records: Acid Techno vs Tekno
Powered by CroakTek Sounds (Full OHM System)

☢ Arena 5:

Gorilla Tactics: Garage, Bassline, DnB & Jungle
Powered by Void

☢ Arena 6:

Equality Sound System: Oldskool Rave
Powered by Equality (Full Martin Audio Ltd)