Lakota is Temporarily Closed
We value your safety above all, in line with the prevention efforts taking place across the UK, we’ve taken the regretful decision to temporarily close Lakota.

Lakota Pro Clubs FIFA20 Tournament

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Game Rules

  • £30 entry per team
  • The ‘ANY’ position is allowed
  • Minimum players per team 2
  • Maximum players per team 11
  • Draw will be made two hours prior to the start of the tournament
  • Extra time and penalties are played to settle a draw
  • Teams who take longer than 10 minutes to start will be removed from the tournament
  • Entry to the tournament is on First Come First Served
  • Xbox tournament starts on Wednesday 10 June 2020 at 19.00
  • PS4 tournament starts on Thursday 11 June 2020 at 19.00

Answers to your questions

It is £10, £20 or £30 per team.

The winning team in each tournament will win ten times their entry fee

Your team must have a minimum of two players and a maximum of 11 players.

The Xbox tournament is on Wednesday 10 June and PS4 tournament on Thursday 11 June 2020.

The tournament starts at 19:00. Each team will have a 10-minute window to start their game. Once all the results are in, losers will be removed and the next round will begin.

If one of your team members disconnects, you will have to play the game without them. If the whole team disconnects, it will count as a loss.

The captain of all teams must submit an image of the score both at half- time and full-time. This helps us keep up-to-date with the current games and minimises the chances of cheating.

If you have any enquiries regarding the tournament, contact us at: [email protected]

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