This September, Lakota Gardens will be transforming itself once more into a Bavarian wonderland, offering all the joys and fun you’d expect from Oktoberfest: hot authentic German bratwurst, freshly baked pretzels, and refreshing German beer, all to the sounds of a live 5-piece oompah band.

As always, it’s set to be a huge celebration of all things Bavarian, so get ready to raise your steins and dress in your best Lederhosen!

This renowned beer festival has developed a devoted following that extends well beyond the boundaries of Germany, enthralling people from all over the world, including right here in the UK and our beloved city of Bristol.

It’s not just all about the beer and bratwurst – there are prizes to be won! Dress your crew in the snazziest Lederhosen and Dirndls, and you might just walk away with some fantastic Bavarian themed goodies.

With four sessions taking place over three days, each one offers a special and unforgettable experience.

Part 1 of Lakota’s Oktoberfest begins with an evening session on the 22nd September from 6:00PM to 10:00PM.

For Part 2, on the 23rd September, there will be a double session allowing guests to continue the celebration all day. The first session begins at 12:00PM and ends at 4:00PM, whilst the second session runs from 4:45PM to 8:45PM.

The final session this year will take place on the 29th September, beginning at 6:00PM until 10:00PM. It promises to be the perfect way to conclude this year’s Oktoberfest.

Part 1 Tickets are available to purchase HERE
Part 2 Tickets are available to purchase HERE
Part 3 Tickets are available to purchase HERE

Last year’s events all sold out in advance, and we expect this year to be no different.

Pride Month holds a significant place in our hearts, serving as a powerful reminder to recognise and appreciate the struggles, achievements, and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. It is a time to embrace the spirit of love, acceptance, and unity, not only within the LGBTQ+ community but within our larger creative ecosystem as well.

Throughout this momentous month, Lakota is thrilled to present a series of exclusive interviews and thought-provoking insights from queer creatives within the music industry. These remarkable individuals have navigated their own unique journeys, breaking barriers and making their mark on the industry. These experiences, triumphs, and invaluable perspectives will inspire and uplift others, fostering a sense of belonging within our community.

The strides that the LGBTQ+ community has made toward wider cultural acceptance in both music and society should not be understated. While there is still work to be done, the music industry has witnessed a remarkable evolution in terms of LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity. With each passing year, LGBTQ+ artists and the professionals behind the scenes keep breaking new ground, effecting change and inspiring a more diverse and accepting industry.

We caught up with some of our friends about what it means to be out in the industry today and the most pressing challenges facing LGBTQ+ professionals in music.

First up, we have DJ, DnB Allstars Presenter and all-round legend Tommy.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name’s Tommy, I’m from Brighton, I am a DJ under the alias TLB and I am a presenter for DnB Allstars.

  • Can you share your personal journey as an LGBTQ+ individual in the music industry, including any challenges you faced and milestones you achieved?

I identify as a gay-cis male. I wouldn’t really say there’s any challenges but there’s always thoughts that go through your head like posting on social media, playing out, how you look, how you think you perceive yourself. Everyone can be different but my challenge has just been how I perceive myself and it’s just the over-thoughts. 

  • How do you feel the music industry has evolved in terms of LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity? Are there any specific changes you’ve noticed over the years?

We’ve got Nathan X doing Unorthodox, we’ve obviously got stuff that Mandidextrous is doing that’s absolutely insane and there’s so many other events that are coming up. Everyone’s starting to come together and become one. 

  • Can you discuss any events, initiatives or organisations within the music industry that are actively supporting and uplifting LGBTQ+ voices?

You’ve got the likes of Anais absolutely smashing it, Flava D who’s been doing it for years and years. In the house and tech scene, you’ve got Hannah Wants and the garage scene with Oppidan and Paige Eliza. It’s just so nice to see that everyone is coming together, people are doing their own thing, everyone’s accepting and celebrating.

  • What advice would you give to aspiring LGBTQ+ artists or creatives who are looking to enter the music industry? 

Get your ten thousand hours in, do your graft and at the end of the day it’s you doing you so just carry on with that. Don’t change for anyone else. If a challenge comes up, take it head on and just appreciate what you’re going through. 

Big love and thanks to Tommy for getting involved ❤️ you can check out some of his recent mixes here.

Join us in celebrating Pride this weekend as Little Gay Brother head to the city w/ Roi Perez and Nathan X returns with pioneering DnB collective Unorthodox, bringing you the ultimate LGBTQ+ party. Final tickets can be found here. A percentage of all profits will be going towards supporting the amazing work of Bristol Pride, a local charity that works tirelessly to promote equality and celebrate the LGBT+ community.


The time has come! We have reached the very final week of the Lakota X Dynamics female and non-binary DJ course.

Over the last 10 weeks, we have been busy teaching 8 talented mentees how to DJ in collaboration with female collective, Dynamics (please see previous blog post). The course was the first edition of it’s kind, and what an incredible experience it was. We set out to create a grassroots DJ course to give female and non-binary participants the opportunity to access lessons and resources, who may not have otherwise had the chance to or experienced previous discrimination within the scene.

During this time, we worked with some amazing mentors and special guests including Kyrist, My Nu Leng, Euphonique, GotSome, Anais and Oppidan. We covered all aspects from the very basics of turning on the decks to curating sets, helping them to find their own unique style and mixing techniques ranging from basic to complex. Modules included, learning the equipment, beat matching, using EQ’s filters, Rekordbox software and some music theory. By the end of the course, we have been able to provide them with the knowledge, foundations and networking opportunities to continue on this journey and build a potential DJ career. At the forefront was making sure that the course was a fun, inclusive and enjoyable way of learning to DJ alongside like minded people.



With the completion of the course, we are proud to announce that we are hosting an exclusive private performance for the mentees to showcase their skills in Lakota’s newly refurbished and state of the art, Moon Club. We set out to make the course a transformative experience for those looking to break into the music industry, and we believe this is the perfect way to do so by giving them the opportunity and privilege of playing their first live set in a club setting in front of a small audience. An experience most aspiring DJs do not have the luxury of prior to playing out their first set. Thus, putting them in a good position to be prepared for their first booking.

They have each embarked on the exciting and challenging journey of learning how to DJ in a remarkably short span of time and have been a joy to work with. It has been truly humbling to see their progress and watch the mentees grow closer together as a group. Despite the challenges they faced along the way, their continuous hard work and unwavering dedication have brought them to this exciting occasion. This event is an opportunity for them to showcase their incredible talent and unique style. We are really proud of each and every one of them and their commitment and passion for music has shone all the way through. We couldn’t be more excited to witness their growth and skills firsthand.

So, prepare to be amazed as our talented individuals display the result of their countless hours of practice and determination as they take to the decks, and watch this space!

Lakota’s Stokes Croft Block Party – Channeling Bristols culture.

HUGE headliners, 150+ artists, 12+ venues, 14 hours of raving.

Thank you for joining us at SCBP this year! We don’t know about you but we are only just over what an incredible day it was.

We are over the moon to have made such great memories and captured such special moments over the course of the day and night celebrations. As usual, bringing the people of Bristol together on our iconic homeland was the forefront of the event concept. We really wanted to bring Bristol together for an unforgettable community experience by collaborating with local restaurants, shops, artists, music labels and DJs.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who attended. It was an jam packed day filled with sunshine, smiley faces, delicious food and stage takeovers soundtracked by the best DJs. We were overwhelmed by the heartwarming sense of Bristol community in the air as we danced around Stokes Croft once again in the sunshine.

A special thank you goes out to all the venues involved and the artists who provided non stop music and atmosphere from 12PM – 4AM. Another thank you goes out to our incredible food vendors, @jikoni_eastafrica who supplied the tastiest authentic East African loaded fries and @tasteofnapoli for their incredible pizzas, as well as @dreamvntg for coming along and providing the finest vintage clothes around. We’d also like to thank all our staff who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had the best day + night from the office team, to security and bar staff.

In addition to this, to celebrate the occasion, we had some very special limited edition Block Party 2023 T-Shirts, meticulously hand-designed by the incredibly talented local artist, @FreddyMills. The shirts perfectly capture the essence of what the Lakota Stokes Croft Block Party represents: culture, community, peace, unity, and the power of music in Bristol’s iconic neighbourhood. Crafted from the highest quality materials, these exclusive tees are a testament to our commitment to offering the best to our partygoers. With a design that exudes vibrancy and creativity, these t-shirts can be worn year round and remain connected to the heart and soul of the Block Party. If you didn’t manage to get an official SCBP T-shirt, we will be putting these up for sale online very soon, so please keep an eye our on our socials.


Over the course of the day and night we saw artists such as Mungo’s HiFi, Solo Banton, Mandidextrous, My Nu Leng, Alexisitry, Formula, T-Lex, Bennie, A For Alpha, Alfresco Disco, Papa Nugs + many more take to he various stages across Stokes Croft.




Thank you once again for joining us at the Stokes Croft Block Party. Let’s cherish the memories we created and stay tuned for the exciting announcement about next year’s event. Only 353 days until we party again…

After a three year absence, the streets of St Pauls are set to come alive once more as the iconic St. Pauls Carnival celebrations make an eagerly anticipated return on 1st of July.

St Pauls Carnival has taken to the streets of Bristol since 1968 for a celebration of African Caribbean culture, bringing people together from all over the city. Known for its colourful parades, infectious music, and diverse cultural showcases, the carnival is set to reclaim its place as one of the city’s most cherished and vibrant festivals. The annual cultural event is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, street food, parades and live performances.

Having been a part of the St Pauls community for decades and a crucial part of the areas history, Lakota are joining in on the celebrations by hosting a day and night party in collaboration with the Carnival. A percentage of all profits will be donated to @stpaulscarnivalbristol and Carnival 365, supporting the crucial work they continue to do for Bristol’s African Caribbean communities.

The event boasts an all star artist lineup with multiple headliners, including: Goldie, Conducta, Dr Dubplate, Ama, Amaliah, Junior Simba, Flowdan, Capo Lee and P Money, with takeovers from one of Bristol’s most popular sound systems, Firmly Rooted.




From 2pm – 9pm, the people of Bristol will once again gather in the Lakota Gardens to dance the day away.

Following his recent Boiler Room and a hugely successful Lakota show last year, one of Kiwi Rekords finest, Conducta will be back to join us alongside local legend, Dr.Dubplate.  You can expect plenty of UKG flavours from Conducta and his fellow selectas over the course of the day, or NUKG as MIXMAG have recently described it.

We are also incredibly excited to announce two standout MC’s, Flowdan and P Money, who have been talk of the town recently with releases that have made it into Official UK Charts. Originating from the East side of London, both Flowdan and P Money have established themselves through their signature lyrics, unique styles and emerging through the grime scene. Both of these artists can be referred to as masters of their craft, collaborating with a wide variety of artists across genres.

Check out two of Flowdan’s biggest releases with Fred Again ‘Rumble’ here, and his timeless 140 classic ‘Skeng’.

Listen to P Money’s latest release ‘Buss The Red’ with Whiney which fuses Drum and Bass with Grime here.



If the day festivities were not enough for you, Lakota will also be hosting the official afterparty inside the club from 9pm. All day time attendees will automatically will gain access to the afterparty, however there is also the option to purchase tickets specifically for the night time.

For the ravers who manage to stay for the entire celebration, they will be rewarded by the return of none other than the legendary GOLDIE. As no stranger to the Bristol scene, Goldie is credited as one of the pioneers of jungle/drum and bass music and widely recognised as one of the most influential DJs and producers to have shaped the scene into what it is today.

Guests can expect rolling basslines, choppy breaks and an unbeatable old school sound that still resonates through sound systems around the world, as well as his charming and unique personality which shines through when he mixes.

Here’s a little reminder of when Goldie came back for our 30th anniversary event with Randall, Mungos Hifi, Napes, Carasel and more.

We are thrilled to be putting on this celebration once again and can’t wait to rejoin on Stokes Croft.

You can buy tickets HERE.


Please read on to learn about the history of the Carnival.


The carnival dates back to 1968, with the aim of bringing together the European, African-Caribbean and Asian cultures and to counter unfavourable preconceptions about St Pauls. It began as a communal gathering, with locals selling home-cooked cuisine from their front gardens, which grew in size over time and eventually became known as St Pauls Carnival. By 1991, it had been renamed St Pauls African Caribbean Carnival as a platform for Bristol’s African-Caribbean population, attracting people from all around Bristol.

Over the years, the carnival grew into a full celebration with spectacular parades, authentic street food and cultivated a sound system culture similar to that of London’s Notting Hill Carnival. Unfortunately, it was not plain sailing for the Carnival over the years, having had several hiatuses, including when the event’s major funding was withdrawn between 2015 and 2017, as well as during the pandemic years. Yet it has remained resilient and has come back bigger and better than ever.

With years of anticipation behind it, this year’s carnival promises to be a momentous occasion for Bristol’s residents and visitors alike, and we cannot wait for the organisation’s first complete Carnival in three years to take place this year.


Reflecting on the ‘Turno Island’ pop up rave on Friday 17th March…

As the beating heart of Bristol’s underground music scene for over 30 years, we strongly believe in keeping Bristol’s culture alive and take pride in doing so. Historically, we’ve been notorious for pushing the boundaries with outdoor events that bring the community together. Which is why we decided it was time to bring some of that energy back and host a very special unannounced pop up rave on Turbo Island.

With the current climate in the events industry, we think it’s more important now than ever to take a step back from the world of social media and get people connecting in real life. This is where the Turno Island concept stemmed from, it was the perfect opportunity.

That night we had the inimitable DJ Turno booked in at the club who has recently become a well recognised name in the DnB scene, known for pushing boundaries himself as an energetic and charismatic character behind the decks and quite the internet sensation on social media. He was the right man for the job!

The idea just came together and made sense. The aim was to get people together for an impromptu dance on Stokes Croft and spread some love through the power of music in an iconic part of the town, and promote Turno’s highly anticipated new releases. With Lakota being situated right opposite the infamous little spot on Stokes Croft that is Turbo Island and Turno being in the town, the idea worked perfectly and Turno Island was born.

If you’re from Bristol then you almost definitely know about Turbo Island, but despite its controversy, it is undoubtably a vibrant hub of creative activity. We wanted to play a part in keeping that alive in a way that respected our neighbours, the community and the land. It was humbling to see such a varied group of people from different generations coming down or stopping past after work and set the tone for the night ahead.

The project was really exciting to see unfold and we hope to work on projects like this in the future.

We also received press coverage from Bristol 247, read the full article HERE.

Introducing our latest project at Lakota! We are proud to announce our brand new DJ workshop in collaboration with the incredible Dynamics. In the run up to International Women’s day a few weeks ago, we got together with Dynamics to come up with a plan to make the music industry more accessible for womxn. The result…a free DJ course designed exclusively for female and non-binary beginners to attend.

For those who are not familiar, allow us to enlighten you on the amazing work being done over at Dynamics. They are an all female team consisting of founder and 140 DJ, Enada, DnB DJs, Kyrist and Averse, and vocalist, Collette Warren. For the last few years, they’ve been on a mission to banish the idea that the lack of female representation on line ups can be put down to an insufficient number of female DJs available for promoters to book. Of course, this isn’t true, which is why they came up with the concept to provide a platform and database to showcase artists, making them easily accessible.

Before you do anything, please check out their page and give them a follow! @dynamics_uk

We’ve been so impressed by their work so far, so we’re extremely proud to work with them and present you this exciting new initiative. The programme is specifically designed to create a safe and supportive environment for aspiring DJs to develop their skills, network with other artists, and ultimately break into the male-dominated electronic music industry. The course seeks to ‘level out the playing field’ and provide new opportunities for those who take an interest in DJing and have not previously had the chance to access resources or lessons.


The workshop series will cover a range of topics, including DJ fundamentals such as beat matching, track selection, and mixing techniques, as well as advanced skills such as live performance and a glimpse into music production. Participants will benefit from tutorship from a group of established DJs and producers who are passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse music community.

The program will also include guest talks from experienced DJs, including a very special guest to be revealed during the course. Each mentor will provide their own personal touch to the course and be able to offer invaluable insights into the industry by sharing their personal experiences and tips for success.

The workshop program is open to all female and non-binary artists, regardless of whether they are a beginner with little experience or just starting out. We will be taking great care to ensure the programme is tailored to meet the needs of each individual artist and cater to their genre of interest. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with other artists and share their experiences, challenges, and successes.



One of the key objectives of the workshop is to create a supportive community of female and non-binary DJs.  At Lakota, we aim to empower artists, and provide each participant with the confidence, skills, and connections needed to succeed in the electronic music industry. Our aim is to make this course as diverse and inclusive as possible, and promises to be a transformative experience into the industry.

It’s important to note that our efforts to strive for equality are not just limited to this programme. This workshop is a part of a broader movement to increase diversity and representation within the scene, and it fills us with excitement to break down the barriers that have historically excluded these groups from the industry.



If you are a female or non-binary artist interested in developing your DJ skills, Lakota’s DJ workshop is the perfect opportunity for you. Join us and be part of a supportive community of like-minded artists, working towards the common goal of diversifying and enriching the electronic music scene. We are looking for applicants who meet the above criteria and who are also beginners or have almost no experience.

The programme will take place on Tuesday evenings 7 – 9:30pm at Lakota nightclub, beginning on 11th April and continuing until May.

Spaces are extremely limited to ensure that participants receive sufficient one-to-one time with their tutors.

This programme is a pilot scheme, with the hope of us running more in the future. Therefore, if you are not successful in your application, we would strongly encourage you to apply again for the next course.


If you have been successful in your application, we will be in touch via email by Monday 27th March.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the contact page on our website.

Apply HERE via the application form.

Danielle Dell 16.03.23

Coroner’s Court – A brand new, intimate venue from Lakota. 

We recently celebrated the official opening of Coroners Court, which we are proud to announce as a Grade II listed building designed with cutting edge programming for independent and underground shows. 

As a rough and ready former mortuary, rich with textures and history, Coroners is the ideal venue for underground parties with a cultural edge. Following some careful renovation to preserve the building, it has now been repurposed for curated parties with gritty installations and chest-rattling sound systems; a real hub for the music lovers and those who like it loud. In addition to this, this unique space also provides the benefit of extending Lakota by opening up both venues for even bigger shows. 

Opening Night

Having hosted some of the world’s most renowned underground artists over the last 8 years as a temporary venue, it only felt right to see in a new era of the venue with two of the most respected selectors in the techno sphere, Young Marco & Courtesy. There was a special vibe in the venue that night as Bristol house and techno heads were brought together under one roof and danced until the very end with the lights on. 

Our first headliner of the night; Courtesy, set the tone beautifully for the evening. Having come armed with her euphoric sound and thudding techno interlaced with nostalgic bangers, she had the room pumping to its full potential. Following this, Amsterdam hero, Young Marco kept the pace and energy high, closing out with his new single and one of the biggest track ID’s of the summer ‘What You Say?’ which saw the crowd erupt into a frenzy. The vibe was immaculate from start to finish which certainly set the tone for what’s to come this year.

What’s already gone down

Coroner’s is proud to be hosting a three part residency with recent DJ Mag UK Club Event of the year nominees, Club Blanco. 

Last week we saw the roll out of part one, which featured a packed out takeover across both rooms. Kicking things off, Italian cult favourite Francesco Del Garda was invited down to head up room 1, alongside Fabric residents and versatile crate diggers Bobby & Mariin. Over in room 2, Berlin based artist Fantastic Twins performed her mesmerising live show for her Bristol debut and Club Blanco head honcho, Chez De Milo continued the party into the early hours. Combined, they supplied the perfect remedy which kept the crowd marching all night.


What you can expect

Joining Club Blanco for the March edition of the residency, they have teamed up with one of the worlds most loved & respected festivals, Love International, to bring a slice of Tisno to Stokes Croft. Founded by Bristol’s own ‘Team Love’, Love International has hosted underground music lovers from around the world at its home in Tisno, Croatia for 9 years. We are looking forward to seeing this one unfold!

With lots of exciting plans in the works, keep an eye on our event listings page and we’ll see you in the dance!

Club Blanco tickets:




Danielle Dell 02.03.23

We have some exciting news to share at Lakota! We have officially announced the opening of our brand new, 500 capacity, intimate venue; Coroner’s Court. 


A new era begins, as Coroner’s Court opens for the first time as a full venue, with its first full season of shows. Over the past 8 years, Coroner’s Court has demonstrated its potential as a music venue after hosting some of the world’s most renowned underground artists, whilst only operating as a temporary venue, including Andrew Weatherall, Palms Trax and Shanti Celeste to name a few. 

The Venue

A rough and ready former-mortuary, rich with textures and history. Coroners Court originally began as a blank canvas for the city’s best music, arts and culture. Think dark, cavernous dancefloors, original spiral staircases and a raw, transformable backdrop. 

After many months of work on the concept behind the scenes, the building will now have a new lease of life as Bristol’s central hub for underground music. Our aim is to create a safe, inclusive space with specially curated shows across 2 rooms, which stick to our underground roots. Coroner’s will be a home for discerning music heads to party in an intimate setting with limited capacity. These shows will be truly unique, featuring regular smaller and grassroot music label takeovers and regular residencies.

To make full use of the building, it will also serve as a multifunctional event space, with the potential to provide an extension to our beloved club, making Lakota a massive 6 room nightclub. Allowing our larger scale events such as Rumble In The Jungle, Bris-Tek and Tribe of Frog to showcase all the diversity they have to offer.

The History

With the present building dating back to 1854 and its presence being traced back as far as the 13th century, the venue certainly has an interesting history. At this time it was the Office of the Coroner, where it was responsible for investigating and determining the cause of sudden or unexplained deaths which occurred in the city for over a century. Prior to this the building was originally a school.

The Building

The Bristol Coroners’ Court is a beautiful, historic building, featuring Gothic style architecture located in the heart of the city, in Stokes Croft. Its design is attributed to the architect Richard Shackleton Pope, who was responsible for many of Bristol’s most notable buildings. 

Equally as impressive, the Court’s interior, despite its ancient look, boasts high vaulted ceilings, oak-panelled walls, and large windows. An interesting, perhaps rather eerie feature is the central conduit that runs across the floor. Here, the blood from the deceased patients would previously pool and drain away, following autopsies carried out by the coroner. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, in recent years, the Bristol Coroners’ Court has undergone significant renovation to ensure that the building remains a functional and accessible space. However, its historic features and character have been carefully preserved, honouring the building’s rich history.

Coming soon…

This has been a very exciting project and we are over the moon to get Coroner’s Court up and running. Stay tuned for part two, for all the information you need with what to expect from the venue and its exciting future. We will be announcing a full list of shows on our social media in the very near future. 

Follow our Instagram here: coronerscourt

See what all the fuss is about:




Danielle Dell 23.03.23

2022, where do we begin? It was certainly an exciting yet pivotal year for the events industry across the globe and for us here at Lakota. As the world returned to normal post covid, it was the first full year where the industry could return to business as usual. Despite many hardships and uncertainty along the way, we can agree that it was a successful comeback year for events. 

After a packed out events calendar across the year with 124 events and consistent monthly sold-out shows at Lakota, we take a moment to look back and reflect on some of the high points of 2022 for us and acknowledge all the individuals who made it such a success, from the headline DJs to the bedroom DJs, the early bird ravers to the 6 am crew, the FOH to the BOH and the loyal fans to the first timers. We are grateful to have had you all on the journey with us, and despite the never-ending rumours surrounding our closure… yes, we’re still here, and we have no plans of going anywhere soon! So get ready for what’s to come in 2023.


Block Party 

Sitting at the very top of the list and an obvious first choice is the iconic, infamous Block Party. A monumental sold-out, 13-venue, day and night party took place across Stokes Croft, featuring over 150 artists, assembling ravers of all ages and bringing the Bristol community together. A now significant event in the Bristol calendar, marking the start of summer in the city and brighter days to come. Watching the day unfold was truly a moment where all the hard work paid off and made us proud of the city we live in. Block Party provides a classic example of why Bristol proudly holds the title as the best city for music and culture in the UK. There is no vibe quite like Block Party.

Over the course of the day, DJs took to the various stages at participating venues including Lakota, Lakota Gardens, Coroner’s Court, Love Inn, Full Moon, Attic Bar and The Social to take ravers through the motions with music genres spanning from DnB, Jungle, Dubstep, Garage, House, Techno, Disco, Reggae, and Afrobeats, including multiple live performances from vocalists, dancers and acrobats, we really did not miss anything! 

It was an overwhelming success and we are honoured to put it on again this year on the 13th May, so save the date and book as soon as you can. We can’t wait to reunite around Stokes Croft once again. See what the fuss is all about – Stokes Croft Block Party gallery



Following closely behind, our second highlight of 2022 is the unforgettable night that jump up producer and DJ, Hedex came down to the club for the Bristol leg of his UK tour. Another sold out, highly anticipated night, which featured a full unique visual production show, which was an entire show in itself. It’s hard to convey what went down in the room that night and the energy that was felt, but if you’ve been lucky enough to see Hedex play live, then you can probably begin to imagine the vibe was like in a more intimate setting. 

With a packed out main room, we saw the entire club come alive. The energy filled the room, ravers unanimously jumped under the control of the DJ and the collective effervescence brought the crowd together- a real goosebump moment. The visible growth of Hedex as an artist in such a short space of time was also humbling to witness. He has well and truly shot to the top of the jump scene whilst paving the way for many young aspiring artists, hopefully it won’t be too long before he’s back at the club. Check out the Hedex highlights for yourself.


30th birthday

Finally, we are brought to the 12th June 2022… what a milestone. This article would not have been complete without featuring the club’s iconic 30th birthday weekend, celebrating 30 years in the dance as one of Bristol’s longest standing underground music venues. It’s not often that a club still operating today in this capacity can say they’ve been there to experience it all; the many rise and falls of the events industry over the years and the evolution of the scene since the very beginning. From the ban of free raves and the introduction of venue licences back in the 90’s, the pre and post social media eras, the never-ending battles with property developers and mass venue closures and the total ban of raving once again during the pandemic, we survived it all!

Our birthday was a celebration of what we stand for as a venue in the heart of Bristol, priding ourselves on community spirit, having played a big part in Bristol’s culture over the years and providing a regular safe place for ravers, old and young to dance the night away. 

With a series of events taking place over the weekend, the line up featured legends and veterans in the scene with the likes of Goldie, Randall, Nicky Blackmarket and Mungo’s HiFi, plus newer school DJs from the Born on Road crew and other local Bristol labels. It really was a special weekend and the photos definitely do it justice!


Check out some of Lakota’s 30th birthday photos here.




Danielle Dell 13.02.23

2022 has drawn to a close, and with the beginning of 2023 comes lots of excitement in the Drum and Bass scene, particularly for female and non-binary artists and DJs, since 2022 was an astounding year for the progression and development of female representatives within a predominantly cis-male dominated scene. 

We take a look back at some female drum and bass artists who stood out for us last year representing Bristol’s bustling bass scene, whilst also taking a peek into the future at the new wave of female DnB/140 producers and DJs who are set to break through the scene in 2023!

MANDIDEXTROUS (They/Them/Trans/Non-binary)

Mandidextrous unquestionably went from strength to strength last year, pushing the boundaries and crossing genres in their own unique style combining DnB, hard Techno and Bassline. As a former EQ50 mentee, they have since taken the nation by storm with dancefloor damaging releases on Ram Records, Imprint, Program, Device and Bristol’s very own Born On Road, plus a plethora of main stage and Headline shows, as well as closing sets at Printworks.

This powerhouse prides themself on warping ravers’ minds with their high energy productions, unruly mixing and switching up genres to a whole new level. As a trans-empowered artist striving for equality, Mandi stands as an inspiration for young aspiring LGBTQ+ DJs by speaking out about equality within the music industry to help enact change within the DnB community and wider scene to make it a safer and more inclusive space.

Check out Mandi’s hefty release ‘Techno On My Mind’ here.


Next up we have Jungle queen, music teacher, mentor, DJ and producer, Euphonique. Originally hailing from Manchester but now representing the Bristol scene, this influential and empowering female has become an inspiration for many other young females in Bristol with her success as an artist and expertise as a mentor, driven by community and equality. 

Euphonique certainly put her stamp on the genre last year. Her intricate mixing and production skills have led her to play festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Hospitality On The Beach and Love Saves the Day. 2022 has seen her release on Deep In The Jungle, Jungle Cakes, Dread Recordings and Hospital records, including a feature on Hospital favourite Lens’ mixtape. Last year was a big year for Euphonique and we can’t wait to see what she brings this year!

Listen to Euphonique ‘Reload’ on Lens Hospital Mixtape here. 


ANAIS (She/Her)

For our next female to watch, we have Anais. If you’re local to Bristol, then Anais needs no introduction! 

As a former Lakota resident, budding DnB producer, DJ and key member of ‘Best Newcomer Label’ winners ‘Invicta Audio’, Anais has quickly made a name for herself in the scene. Since discovering DnB at an early age with school friend and Invicta Audio founder, Anton Bailey, the dynamic duo funnelled their energy into the music with DJing and Anais later became inspired to take producing seriously during lockdown by Euphonique. 

Following a number one Juno Download release with her Bad Gyal EP, Anais gained traction to play at Boomtown, WHP, Tokyo World and Tobacco Docks for the mighty DnB Allstars. Following this, Hospital Records picked up her latest release with club banger ‘Tek It Easy’ and has starred as a guest on Charlie Tee’s BBC Radio 1 dance show. 

This small but mighty artist specialises in taking ravers on a journey with her fast, unpredictable mixing and original blend of ragga and 4×4 style. She will leave you captivated with her strikingly creative sound, heavy subs and varying drum patterns; Anais really has no limits! Prepare for lots more releases this year and be sure to follow her journey.

P.S. we’ve also heard she’s been in the studio with Euphonique!

Listen to her newest track ‘Tek It Easy’ out on Hospital here.

ENADA (She/Her)

Introducing Enada…a bourgeoning Dubstep DJ and owner of 140 and DnB collective Dynamics, celebrating female, female-identifying and non-binary artists in a unique way through an accessible database. Enada’s ingenious idea was originally sparked after a conversation with best friend and DJ, Kyrist on the lack of knowledge and access to females in the scene. Following this, Dynamics was birthed in the form of an artist database, broken down into producer, DJ and genre categories to give women a platform to be discovered by fans and promoters. 

On the DJ front, it’s safe to say, Enada is gaining momentum in the scene as a highly talented DJ, as well as an activist and spokesperson in the 140 community, leading the way in making a conscious effort to change the lack of female representation in the genre. 

Enada is somewhat of an encyclopaedia of dubstep knowledge which shows through in her deeply underground and moving sets, with a careful selection of tunes that lean towards the darker side. This year, we’ve seen her play for the mighty 1985, Outlook Festival, Rinse FM, former Bristol radio station SWU FM, and more recently core dubstep label Deep Medi. We have plenty to look forward to from her in 2023 and we’ll be keeping a close eye to see what she does next!

Listen to Enada’s most recent mix for Deep Medi Musik here.

AVERSE (She/Her)

Last but not least, we have talented newcomer: Averse. Having steadily been building her profile in Bristol over the last few years’, Averse is no amateur when it comes to the genre as a core member of the Dynamics team with Enada and former member of popular girl boss trio, Nuance. 2022 has been an important year for her as a DJ, beginning to find her feet as a solo artist inspired by the tech-step era and underground DnB.

After a deep passion for Drum and Bass for 6 years, Averse was inspired to take up mixing after she came across leading female DJ, Kyrist…and we are very glad she did! Initially inspired by the darker, techier and more minimal side to DnB, Averse has since obtained 5 years of experience behind the decks, with a fresh underground mixing style that specialises in rolling tunes and funky DnB with rugged drums. Her sets showcase her distinctive style, digging deep through the back catalogues of her favourite labels CIA, Soul:R, Commercial Suicide, Sofa Sound, Carbon and Dispatch. This girl has a real passion for the music, and it shows!

Admirably, Averse prides herself on ‘unapologetically and authentically doing what you love’ and not allowing her sense of worth to be defined by social media statistics. Having played for Sofa Sound, Outlook UK for Dynamics, Metalheadz, Overview and Fabric supporting Break on room 1 duties, it’s safe to say that this approach is paying off. As such, we expect big things to come from her in 2023! Be sure to check out her FRS (funky rolling shit) mix series to hear what she’s all about.

Check the FRS mix series here.




Danielle Dell 05.01.22