Welfare Policy

The team at Lakota are working hard to ensure we create a safe yet enjoyable space for you to dance and socialise in.


What are you doing to ensure the safety of customers?

We want to create a safe environment where customers can trust the staff and know we are here to ensure your safety and enjoyment. As customer safety is of paramount importance to us, we want to let you know the procedures we have in place.
First and foremost, we are providing additional training for all staff on what to do if a customer reports a suspected spiking incident, or suspicious activity. We work closely with the Police and also have staff monitoring CCTV to help us identify and report any suspicious activity.
Second, we have a large green welfare tent visibly located in the smoking area. We encourage customers to go to the welfare tent if they feel ill in any way, where they will be treated without prejudice or judgement.
Anyone who is unwell will be treated until they are well enough to leave. You will not be ejected from the venue for being too inebriated until the medical staff have confirmed you are safe to leave.
Furthermore, we have recently bought testing kits for drinks which our medical staff at the welfare tent can use.
If you think you or a friend has been spiked, please alert a member of the bar staff and they will alert the welfare team, who can then test your drink and look after you.
Security have also been briefed to increasing the thoroughness of entry searches. We have a zero tolerance policy of illegal substances. Anyone caught with any illegal substances will have them taken by security, before ejecting the perpetrator from the venue and reporting them to the Police.


We shared a post from our Instagram and Facebook pages on 19th October in the hope that customers would be more aware of the safety precautions we have in place.
Below is what it says:


Our large green welfare tent is located outside in the smokers area to the left as you walk in.

We have friendly trained medical staff who will be more than happy to help you in any way should you need it. These staff regularly patrol the venue to keep an eye out for attendees who might be feeling unwell.
We have a touch-free drinking tap located outside in the smokers area close to the welfare tent. Free drinking water is also available from any bar and the taps in the toilets are safe to drink.
Keep an eye out for your mates and their drinks! Create a group chat to coordinate arriving and leaving together, and make sure you stay in pairs or groups throughout the night.
It’s best practice to keep your thumb over the end of glass bottles, stick to cans, or if you have an open cup, to hold it from the top. If you suspect or notice any changes to your drink, report it immediately. These might include a change in colour, taste or sudden fizzing.
Don’t accept drinks from strangers, and don’t leave your drinks unattended.
If you believe that you or your friend may have been spiked, tell a friend AND a member of staff, then head to a safe space – such as the welfare tent at Lakota – where someone can look after you.
Lakota have recently acquired testing kits which our medical staff will be able to use.
Symptoms of spiking include: blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, speech difficulties (e.g. slurring), paranoia, hallucinations and confusion.
Anyone caught spiking a drink will be passed over to police to be arrested immediately. We have security staff monitoring the bars and also CCTV in place.
Spiking someone’s drink is a serious crime and carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence. Our security team conduct strict searches upon entry and will confiscate any illegal substances.
We really hope these precautions help you feel safer and more comfortable. Lakota is somewhere that curates friendships and love. Help us keep it that way…