Your safety; our actions

Trust. It’s kept us going for 30 years and will be the foundation for many more. Our space is a place for friendships, acceptance and letting go, but that’s only possible inside a safe, comfortable environment. Here’s a list of things we’re focusing on, and a few things you could do, to make sure your experience is all love.


Spiking is a serious crime. We specifically train staff to report suspected spiking incidents or suspicious activity. Our security staff regularly monitor the bars and the venue has a comprehensive CCTV system installed. We have increased the thoroughness of our door searches. Anyone caught spiking will be detained and the police will be called. Anyone caught with any illegal substances will have them confiscated by security, be ejected from the venue and reported to the police.


Clamping down on spiking is a joint effort – we ask you not to accept anything from strangers and watch your drinks. Keep your thumb over the end of bottles, stick to cans, or hold it from the top if you have an open cup. Notice any changes to your drink? Change in colour, taste, or sudden fizzing? Contact security, bar or medical staff immediately. If possible and safe to do so, keep the drink with you so we can test and protect other customers.


Medical staff are on shift for every event we host. Our medics, operating out of our medical centre, regularly patrol the venue. If you are feeling unwell or over intoxicated, let any member of staff, security or medics know and you’ll be directed to the medical area where you’ll be treated without judgement by friendly, trained medical staff.


Touch-free fountains, free water and drinkable water from all taps you’ll find in the venue – there are plenty of spots to stay hydrated while dancing.


Welfare involves all of us. Keep an eye on your mates, fellow partyers and their drinks, create group chats for getting here and leaving, and try to stick together in the club.


Tell one of your friends and let us know, you will be directed to the medical area where someone will look after you. Our welfare area has testing kits so we can check your drink. Symptoms of spiking include blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, speech difficulties (e.g. slurring), paranoia, hallucinations and confusion.


Smoke and Lasers

The venue frequently uses smoke/haze machines, Lasers and Strobe lighting.

If you or a friend have a condition which can be effected by these special effects, please contact us in advance and we will try to accommodate as best as possible.

Please note due to the specifications of some shows, this may not be guaranteed.