Lakota is a space for the people. All the people. We welcome all classes, colours, races, creeds and genders but we put respect first. We have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment, violence, homophobia, racism or bigotry. Your experience and safety matter, so we’ve put a few rules in place to make Lakota safer for everyone.


/ City fundamentals

We’re proudly part of the Bristol Rules campaign – a set of ideas that help people in our city be kinder, nicer, and more involved. As a venue there are a few things we’ve got our own views on. Get to know.


/ Be kind

Dancing, raving and partying are for everyone – so rule number one: be kind. No matter how insignificant something feels or looks, we encourage you to report anything inappropriate or uncomfortable. Music and performance bring us together, so we ask that you respect fellow clubbers and partyers. If you feel unsafe, unwell, threatened or harassed, please report this to a staff member immediately. Our staff work hard to keep the club going and you happy; without them, this wouldn’t happen, so please show them the same respect you’d expect.


/ Zero tolerance on drugs

Lakota has zero tolerance for drug use. Security operates a mandatory search policy, so expect that before you come in. If you refuse, we might have to refuse you. Anyone found using or dealing drugs will be handed over to the police, plus an indefinite club ban. We reserve the right to photograph any offenders and retain the photo on our files for banning enforcement.


/ Searching 101

By choosing Lakota, you agree for us to search you on entry, at random and on exit from the venue. If you don’t, sadly, we can’t let you in. If you’ve got any of the following on you, we’ll have to remove them:

Food & drinks

Chewing gum

Any item deemed to be a weapon or could be used as one

Any substance suspected of being an illegal drug

Drug paraphernalia such as grinders or pipes

Any substances, pills or medication that is not in their original packaging

Eye drops & nasal sprays

Sharp objects such as scissors,

needles and penknives


Any glass items (perfume etc.)


Items can not be kept on the door for collection on exit, so please ensure you leave any of the above items at home.


/ The low-down on refunds

We can’t offer exchanges or refunds if an event is going ahead on the initially planned date. But if you can’t join us, we recommend re-selling your tickets to a friend or someone else using a trusted resale site like Ticketswap. If your event has been cancelled or isn’t going ahead on the planned date, we’ll be in touch about what you can do. We can’t offer refunds if you get COVID-19 before the event.

We’d recommend purchasing resale tickets through official ticketing sites like Eventbrite, Fatsoma, RA or Ticketswap for extra protection. We’ll issue no refunds for fraudulent tickets and only pay official refunds back to the original purchaser.


/ If you're not showing love, we're not letting you in

We reserve the right to refuse admission at any point, so please show everyone respect.


/ It's 18 and over unless otherwise stated

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, bring a suitable photographic ID. We accept passports, driving licences and an approved proof of age card. We can not accept a photograph of an ID so please bring the physical copy.  Please don’t be offended if we refuse you because you don’t have ID – it’s there to protect our license.

We can only accept physical copies of an ID. Photo’s/printouts of ID will NOT be accepted.


/ Try not to leave your things unattended – use our cloakroom

We can’t accept responsibility for anything you leave in your pockets, so please keep your valuables on you. In the event of loss from this cloakroom, our insurers will only payout a maximum of £50 per claim. Lost tickets will be asked to wait until the end of the evening, and coats won’t be given out without a ticket. Only one piece is allowed per hanger. If you haven’t got a token or ticket, our insurers will not compensate for the damage inflicted by the loss of the ticket. If you’ve got a complaint, get in touch.

We keep unclaimed cloakroom items at lost property for three weeks, after that we’ll give them to charity.