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11 Apr 2023

Keeping Bristol’s Culture Alive: Turno Island Pop Up Rave

Reflecting on the ‘Turno Island’ pop up rave on Friday 17th March…

As the beating heart of Bristol’s underground music scene for over 30 years, we strongly believe in keeping Bristol’s culture alive and take pride in doing so. Historically, we’ve been notorious for pushing the boundaries with outdoor events that bring the community together. Which is why we decided it was time to bring some of that energy back and host a very special unannounced pop up rave on Turbo Island.

With the current climate in the events industry, we think it’s more important now than ever to take a step back from the world of social media and get people connecting in real life. This is where the Turno Island concept stemmed from, it was the perfect opportunity.

That night we had the inimitable DJ Turno booked in at the club who has recently become a well recognised name in the DnB scene, known for pushing boundaries himself as an energetic and charismatic character behind the decks and quite the internet sensation on social media. He was the right man for the job!

The idea just came together and made sense. The aim was to get people together for an impromptu dance on Stokes Croft and spread some love through the power of music in an iconic part of the town, and promote Turno’s highly anticipated new releases. With Lakota being situated right opposite the infamous little spot on Stokes Croft that is Turbo Island and Turno being in the town, the idea worked perfectly and Turno Island was born.

If you’re from Bristol then you almost definitely know about Turbo Island, but despite its controversy, it is undoubtably a vibrant hub of creative activity. We wanted to play a part in keeping that alive in a way that respected our neighbours, the community and the land. It was humbling to see such a varied group of people from different generations coming down or stopping past after work and set the tone for the night ahead.

The project was really exciting to see unfold and we hope to work on projects like this in the future.

We also received press coverage from Bristol 247, read the full article HERE.