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13 Feb 2023

Lakota 2022: The Highlights

2022, where do we begin? It was certainly an exciting yet pivotal year for the events industry across the globe and for us here at Lakota. As the world returned to normal post covid, it was the first full year where the industry could return to business as usual. Despite many hardships and uncertainty along the way, we can agree that it was a successful comeback year for events. 

After a packed out events calendar across the year with 124 events and consistent monthly sold-out shows at Lakota, we take a moment to look back and reflect on some of the high points of 2022 for us and acknowledge all the individuals who made it such a success, from the headline DJs to the bedroom DJs, the early bird ravers to the 6 am crew, the FOH to the BOH and the loyal fans to the first timers. We are grateful to have had you all on the journey with us, and despite the never-ending rumours surrounding our closure… yes, we’re still here, and we have no plans of going anywhere soon! So get ready for what’s to come in 2023.


Block Party 

Sitting at the very top of the list and an obvious first choice is the iconic, infamous Block Party. A monumental sold-out, 13-venue, day and night party took place across Stokes Croft, featuring over 150 artists, assembling ravers of all ages and bringing the Bristol community together. A now significant event in the Bristol calendar, marking the start of summer in the city and brighter days to come. Watching the day unfold was truly a moment where all the hard work paid off and made us proud of the city we live in. Block Party provides a classic example of why Bristol proudly holds the title as the best city for music and culture in the UK. There is no vibe quite like Block Party.

Over the course of the day, DJs took to the various stages at participating venues including Lakota, Lakota Gardens, Coroner’s Court, Love Inn, Full Moon, Attic Bar and The Social to take ravers through the motions with music genres spanning from DnB, Jungle, Dubstep, Garage, House, Techno, Disco, Reggae, and Afrobeats, including multiple live performances from vocalists, dancers and acrobats, we really did not miss anything! 

It was an overwhelming success and we are honoured to put it on again this year on the 13th May, so save the date and book as soon as you can. We can’t wait to reunite around Stokes Croft once again. See what the fuss is all about – Stokes Croft Block Party gallery



Following closely behind, our second highlight of 2022 is the unforgettable night that jump up producer and DJ, Hedex came down to the club for the Bristol leg of his UK tour. Another sold out, highly anticipated night, which featured a full unique visual production show, which was an entire show in itself. It’s hard to convey what went down in the room that night and the energy that was felt, but if you’ve been lucky enough to see Hedex play live, then you can probably begin to imagine the vibe was like in a more intimate setting. 

With a packed out main room, we saw the entire club come alive. The energy filled the room, ravers unanimously jumped under the control of the DJ and the collective effervescence brought the crowd together- a real goosebump moment. The visible growth of Hedex as an artist in such a short space of time was also humbling to witness. He has well and truly shot to the top of the jump scene whilst paving the way for many young aspiring artists, hopefully it won’t be too long before he’s back at the club. Check out the Hedex highlights for yourself.


30th birthday

Finally, we are brought to the 12th June 2022… what a milestone. This article would not have been complete without featuring the club’s iconic 30th birthday weekend, celebrating 30 years in the dance as one of Bristol’s longest standing underground music venues. It’s not often that a club still operating today in this capacity can say they’ve been there to experience it all; the many rise and falls of the events industry over the years and the evolution of the scene since the very beginning. From the ban of free raves and the introduction of venue licences back in the 90’s, the pre and post social media eras, the never-ending battles with property developers and mass venue closures and the total ban of raving once again during the pandemic, we survived it all!

Our birthday was a celebration of what we stand for as a venue in the heart of Bristol, priding ourselves on community spirit, having played a big part in Bristol’s culture over the years and providing a regular safe place for ravers, old and young to dance the night away. 

With a series of events taking place over the weekend, the line up featured legends and veterans in the scene with the likes of Goldie, Randall, Nicky Blackmarket and Mungo’s HiFi, plus newer school DJs from the Born on Road crew and other local Bristol labels. It really was a special weekend and the photos definitely do it justice!


Check out some of Lakota’s 30th birthday photos here.




Danielle Dell 13.02.23